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Hi, My name is Jacqui, although I am also known as Petunia to a lot of my friends. I am English by birth but migrated to Australia in 1965. Crochet has become a way of life for me. I began crocheting over 50 years ago but over the years I have done many other crafts. It's only over the last 6 years that I have taken my crochet up again so passionately. I now teach it and spend most of my leisure time crocheting something or another. I don't have a favorite between thread and yarn as I do both equally.  However I do have an unsatiable appetite for 'hooks' and have over 500 now in my collection. Here are about 480 of them.

On the next few pages you will see some of my work and I hope to be adding to that over the next few months.
On the 'contact me' page you will find links to other people's web pages. Please browse them at your leisure. There are some wonderful talented people out there.


Bates, Boyes, Plastic, Clover, Boomerang, hooks of all sizes and makes.


steel hooks of all shapes and sizes. Some with pearl handles, some beaded handles some twisted and turned. Wish I could get them to enlarge for you to view better.


Just more hooks.....the long one laid at the top is made of steel and comes in 3 pieces that all screw together to make it as long or short as you want. Very useful.

Victorian doll
I purchased this little doll from an antique shop in Mogo.


This is a closeup of some of my more 'fancy' hooks. Not necessarily the best to use, but the fanciest. They include, graydog,silvergoose, celticswan,CGOA2004, and


A great view of my most 'precious' hooks. 3 glass hooks from Karen Purdom made specially for me, a seaweed hook, sent to me by my friend Melanie, the most gorgeous rosewood hooks sent for me to 'test-drive' from Deborah Doyle. Oh, I just love them all.


The complete set of MoEZ afghan hooks and cro-hooks. These are wonderful for making large afghans on. See what I've made on my MoEZ page.


Q hooks, P hooks, S hooks, swivel hooks, afghan thick and thin, long and short etc.

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my work. Please move to the next pages to see more. Don't forget to take a look at my latest Freeform work.